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The 2016 Al Filipov Peace & Justice Forum

The Parents Circle-Families Forum

Bereaved Palestinian and Israeli Families

Supporting Peace, Reconciliation and Tolerance

Sunday, September 25th, 4pm – 6pm

The Parents Circle - Families Forum (PCFF) is a grassroots organization of bereaved Palestinians and Israelis who promote reconciliation as an alternative to hatred and revenge. PCFF is a joint Palestinian Israeli organization of over 600 families, all of whom have lost a close family member as a result of the prolonged conflict. Joint activities have shown that the reconciliation between individuals and nations is possible and it is this insight that they are trying to pass on to both sides of the conflict. Moreover, the PCFF has concluded that the process of reconciliation between nations is a prerequisite to achieving a sustainable peace. The organization thus utilizes all resources available in education, public meetings and the media, to spread these ideas.