Rev June Cooper

The 2020 Al Filipov Peace & Justice Forum honors

Reverend June R. Cooper

Who will present a challenge to us all:

Good Troublemakers Needed:
If not you, who? If not now, when?

Sunday, September 20, 2020 at 4:00 pm


We are living in turbulent and transformative times. At various points throughout our nation’s history, certain momentous and shocking events have ignited periods of amplified advocacy around issues of social and racial justice. This spring, many Americans experienced an awakening to injustice through the mass protests following the police killing of George Floyd. These demonstrations and demands for change, in tandem with the stark racial and socioeconomic inequalities spotlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic, has sparked difficult conversations and inspired many to reckon with our nation’s long history of systemic inequities.

But these calls for justice are not new. For those among us with the privilege not to reckon with the daily effects of racism and poverty, this year may have been a wake-up call. But in moments like these, it’s important to recognize the leaders who’ve been doing this hard work all along. The Black mothers who’ve led the Black Lives Matter movement; the activists who’ve been getting in "Good Trouble" for decades without mass support or viral attention; the community organizers who’ve worked to feed, house, and empower folks in their neighborhoods.

It’s in this spirit of recognition that we pay tribute to the Reverend June R. Cooper and the work of City Mission, the oldest multi-service agency in New England and the second-oldest in the United States. For 200 years, City Mission has worked to aid and uplift low-income families in the Boston area, providing direct services and exposing and working to dismantle economic and racial barriers standing in the way of systemic change. Reverend Cooper will share details from her life on the front lines and how we can support the larger goals of social and racial justice in America.

This program will be presented virtually via and requires registration in advance to attend